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Best trips in the area:

1. Kyjov-Krasna Lipa, hiking (CZ): 20 minutes drive. A nice walk up all along special rock formations, cycling / mountain biking can also be done here. Address: Kyjovská 39, 407 46 Krásná Lípa, Czech Republic Parking: When you drive in Kyjov it is the first parking place on your left next to a restaurant. If you walk up slightly, the hiking and cycling trails begin there.

2. Hrensko rock bridge Pravcicka brana, hiking(CZ): 1 hour drive. A beautiful walk and boat trip along rocks and gorges. An absolute must! At the rock bridge Pravcicka brana a piece of the film Narnia is included. Note: almost everywhere is paid parking. To see the bridge you pay 3 euros/kc 75 per person. Parking: Hrensko. Website:

3. Citytrips:

- Dresden (DLD) 1 hour 15 minutes drive, parking in the city is usually for free or for a small amount. Especially the old part of Dresden is very beautiful!

- Prague (CZ) 2 hours drive: Prague is a city to look forward to. It is also called 'the golden city'. There is plenty to do. Parking tip puts your car on the outskirts of the city on a P + R parking lot these are free. Then buy a day ticket for the metro. 

- Liberec (CZ): 1 hour drive: parking tip: Soukenné nám? Stí 2a / 669 460 80 Liberec 1. You can park your car for free for the first 2 hours. Next to the parking garage is a large indoor shopping center.

- Bautzen (DLD): 40 minutes drive. Nice city to walk through. There is an old water tower, DDR prison and a nice center with old churches. Here is also a indoor shopping center.

- Görlitz (DLD / PL): 1 hour drive. Despite the war everything has remained intact here. This allows beautiful buildings to be visited. The special thing about this city is that one half is German and the other half Polish. Mainly the German part is worth to visit.

-Decín (CZ) 1 hour away: beautiful rose gardens and lots of water sports can be done in Decín. Decín can easily be combined with a walk at Hrensko or a visit to teresienstadt (number 9).

4. Toboggan Park Oberoderwitz (DLD): 25 minutes drive. Nice toboggan run for young and old. Price: 3 rides € 8 per adult and € 5 per child Discount cards: Address: Spitzbergstraße 4 a-b 02791 Oderwitz

5. Zoo

- Liberec Zoo (CZ): 1 hour away. For less than € 4 per adult and € 2.50 per child you can go to the zoo for a whole day. address: Lidové sady 425/1, 460 01 Liberec I-Staré Misto.

 - Decin Zoo (CZ): 1 hour drive. You can go to the Zoo for a nice price in Czech Republic! Costs: € 3, -p.p. Kids: € 2, - address: Žižkova 1286/15, 405 02 D ?? ín IV.

- Dresden Zoo (DLD) 1 hour away. If you prefer to visit a German-speaking zoo, you pay € 12 pp and € 4 for the kids.

6. Bastei (DLD): 50 minutes drive. The Bastei is a rock formation with a height of 305 meters and a viewing platform in the German region of Saxon Switzerland (Saxony) on the right bank of the Elbe, between the spa town of Rathen and Stadt Wehlen. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Saxon Switzerland. It is very touristic this means that you pay for parking, then it is up to you to go to the bridge by bus or on foot. After the bridge there is a walking route between the mountain peaks. Again, costs are associated with a few euros per person. address: Basteistraße, 01847 Lohmen.

7. The Kirnitzschtalbahn-Bad Schandau (DLD): a 45-minute drive An old tramway that will take you far beyond a car to enter the national park. He travels over eight kilometers from Bad Schandau to the Lichtenhainer waterfall, and serves as a popular entry and exit point for hikers. Ideal also to get out with children and walk around a little circle. Family card: € 20. address: Kirnitzschtalstraße 8, 01814 Bad Schandau.

8. Naturpark Zittauer gebirge (DLD): 45 minutes drive. A beautiful walking area for young and old. There is also a sort of treasure map for the kids with the route. Here they can look for stone sculptures in nature. address: exact address is not known, close is a castle / castle: Hauptstraße 15, 02797 Oybin.

9. Concentration Camp Teresienstadt: 1 hour drive. Impressive to see this concentration camp inside. A small summary of what happened: address: Theresienstadt.

10. Swimming pools:

- Auqapark - Babylon (CZ): 1 hour drive. Swimming pool with possibility to enter other parks. Family card for swimming 2 + 2 (<140): € 42

- Mariba (DLD): 30 minutes drive. Very nice pool for children. Family card 2 + 2: € 40

- Trixi bath (DLD): 30 minutes drive. Family card: € 32

11. Dinopark Plaza Liberec (CZ): 1 hour drive. A day with the children on the road? Then a trip like the Dinopark in Liberec might be something for you. For 16 euros you already have a day ticket for 2 adults and 2 children.

12. Boat trip with old steamer from Rathen (DLD): 1 hour drive. You can step on different points, see website. Family card 2 + 5

13. Klimbos: Großschönau: 30 minutes drive. See the website for prices. address: Jonsdorfer Straße 40, 02779 Großschönau.

14. Maze Kleinwelka Bautzen: 40 minutes drive. The largest collection of mazes in Germany, including the adventurous labyrinth in the world! When you look at the maze in the labyrinth, you want to receive a beautiful stamp on the labyrinth. You can fly over the labyrinth with a cable car. Family card 2 + 2: € 15 euro. Address: Am Daurierpark 2, OT Kleinwelka, 02625 Bautzen, Germany.

15. Elbe - Freizeitland Koningstein (DE): 45 minutes drive. Family zone: Fun amusement park for children. Falcon shows, bungee trampolines, trampolines, minicarts, minigolf, water slides, climbing garden, model track, train, balance bike and much, much more. Family card 2 + 2 (up to 14 years): € 38 Action zone: climbing wall, abseiling, housing, flying fox, aerial shots and a climbing net. Price to do everything € 35. Website: Address: Am alten Sägewerk 3 - 01824 Koenigstein

16. 'Marie Louise Stolln' (DE): 1 hour drive: since 1230, iron and copper have been mined in this mine. It is possible to look around and see what kind of work has been done here. , A visit to the Marie-Louise-Stolln in Berggießhübel is definitely worth it. Family card 2 + 3, up to 16 years: € 21. Website: Address: Siedlung 1 01819 Kurort Berggießhübel.

17.GDR and SBZ Prison (DE): 1 hour drive. This building, the former state prison, is a monument for all the victims of the two prisons in Bautzen. Here political prisoners were held under inhuman conditions during National Socialism, Soviet occupation and SED dictatorship. The suffering of the victims and the political and historical ties are emphasized here. Price: free, Website:, Address: Weigangstraße 8A, 02625 Bautzen, Germany

18. Pod Saustejn, Hiking: 40 min drive. Really nice walk. Website: Parking: U Nás - Penzion & Retaurace Vysoká Lípa 126 405 02 Jetrichovice.



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